TF Pink Kush Live Resin 510 Cart

Indica Leaning


TFPK Live Resin 510 Carts


A Pink Kush cultivar with unknown lineage


Caryophyllene, Fenchol, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool


Honey, citrus, and sweet berries

How To

Our carts thread on to 510 devices, no dab rig required

TFPK Live Resin 510 Carts

Why We Love It
Tom Ford Pink Kush live resin, a.k.a terp sauce, offers big flavours and a big buzz because it contains terpy live resin combined with high THC CO2 distillate for increased potency. Extracted from fresh-frozen plants to preserve cannabinoids and terps in their prime, our live resin is the boldest expression of this fruity flower harvested in peak season. 

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