From Paris With Love

Our Story

Shaped by the two rivers that lend us their names, we grow our cannabis in Ontario’s heartland. This place has long been productive; we’re creating a modern twist on its agricultural traditions. What guides us? People & place. Love & hustle.

Our master growers, and their team FOCUS on 420 in Each room,

and our high-tech indoor Paris facility offers them the tools to keep those plants very happy. They know our classic strains, such as Sour Kush, like lifelong friends. But their curiosity and dedication to craft means they always experiment in search of more complex and rewarding qualities. (Our special strains are limited editions for a reason!)

A cultivation of a Nith+Grand plant

Everything we do is about providing unrivalled cannabis experiences.

For us, quality is not only about potency. It’s also about nurturing unexpected flavours and creating smooth experiences. For you, this insistence on quality means uncompromising products that deliver satisfaction—every time.

Marijuana plant leaves in Nith+Grand facility
Railroad going over Grand River in Paris, Ontario

And we’re always
in search of

new genetics and look forward to sharing the cream of the crop. Because, for us, it’s all about finding cannabis with character—and outfitting our customers with unparalleled cannabis experiences.

Oh, and Paris? Its name refers to plaster of Paris, a building material whose key ingredient is gypsum, which is abundant here. Mining gypsum fuelled the town’s mid-nineteenth-century growth. 

We’re committed to this place, and to redefining growth for the 2020s and beyond.

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